Thunder Mine Games


Player List and Information


Minecraft Server Address:

Mojang will be releasing 1.14.3:

We will be updating to 1.14.3 when its released.




I have added a sitting plug in you can sit on steps with signs on the sides, carpet or a slab. works great.

More warps have been added, check them out with /warps.
To Do List:

1. Email
2. Update when 1.14.3 arrives
3. Get pictures for Banner.
Email Comming Soon:
I will have our Email setup soon for anyone not able to use the in game mail.
Banner Help!
I am looking for new photo's for our banner, I am currently using the old banner. we need some new builds. anyone interested let me know.
I have a Mumble server available on Thunder Mine Games. if anyone would like to use it let me know and I will turn it on.